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Engage, captivate, and immerse with our interactive video experiences.

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Interactive Video Editing Services

Create immersive and engaging interactive videos that captivate your audience and drive user interaction.

Interactive Storyboarding

Clickable Hotspots and Annotations

Branching Scenarios

User-Driven Navigation

Quizzes and Assessments Integration

Data Collection and Analytics

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Why Choose Us ?

Create immersive experiences and drive deeper engagement with interactive videos that empower your audience to participate and explore.

Interactive Elements

From clickable hotspots to quizzes and polls, we'll add interactive elements that invite viewers to engage with your content.

Branching Scenarios

We provide technology solutions that can matches with your futuristic results

Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into viewer behavior with detailed analytics, allowing you to optimize your interactive videos for maximum impact.

Immerse Your Audience with Interactive Videos

Elevate engagement levels by offering interactive experiences through our cutting-edge video technology. Let your viewers shape their journey.

Engaging Interactivity

Personalized Experiences

Seamless Integration

Dynamic Content

User-Friendly Interface

Measurable Impact


Our Services

360-Degree Video Editing

Our 360-degree videos redefine immersive storytelling

Gamification Elements

Engage with challenges, quizzes, and rewards for an interactive video experience

Live Interactivity

Engage with live polls, comments, and Q&A sessions during our broadcasts


Don't just watch, act! Click directly from the video to make a purchase, sign up, or explore more

Timeline Navigation

a visual representation of a chronological sequence of events along a drawn line

Interactive Product Demonstrations

Dive into interactive demos, explore features, and make decisions within the video

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Spyder Templates

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Mokka Creators

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Adhiyan Kings Farms

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Why Choose Us for Interactive Video Editing?

Fresh Spar Technologies offers interactive video editing services that captivate audiences and provide immersive user experiences, driving engagement and interaction.